A love for capturing joy in action

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” – Robert Frank

I love interactive shots! There's one thing I hope you will never receive from me and that's a stiff looking picture. I will do my due diligence to make you laugh, make you cheese from ear to ear, and most of all, make you comfortable...or uncomfortable but like in a fun way 🤔😅😜

It may be shocking to say but, I am not in love with photography. I'm not in love with taking pictures of people. I'm in love with Joy written on the faces of the new and old lovers & the ambitious goal chasers. I love to capture it. To bottle it up and deliver it to the one it was meant for. Photographs are a pause button and my gift to you. My heightened awareness of the world around me and the feelings of friend's, family, and strangers alike have given my eyes the gift to seemingly always look at the perfect time and capture the sweetest of moments throughout my life. One of my greatest past-times is pulling my lil cell phone out and capturing the moments no one else saw and gifting those pictures to my friends and family to cherish forever. Or until their cell phone storage got full..

Anyway, I'm a nostalgia seeker to the core!! My husband may roll his eyes at the amount of times he catches me in my feels looking at old pictures but I promise you, it is the greatest quality to have in a photographer. So naturally, I became one! --Added a camera to my giftings and now the photos I take of lovely humans are frame worthy.

I hope we get to meet and I get to capture some sweet moments for you too. It does my heart so much good to have such a gift to give people— to show them what joy looks like on their faces(and the faces of their loved ones.) and who/what in their life is causing it. 

Time flies! Don't let those special little moments go unnoticed or the big days of your life get blurrier and blurrier in your memory._ Let me gift you the pause button you always wanted and show you-the ones that bring you undeniable joy so that you can hold them a little tighter, appreciate them a little more, and remember forever.

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“These are wonderful!!!! ..There are so many pictures, more than I was anticipating so thank you for that. I was afraid they might not turn out so great since Marina was in a bad mood, but you captured her perfectly💜”