Senior Pics

Sophie's Senior Pictures

We were well into fall, the trees had begun losing their leaves and the air had become brisk and cool. BUT, Sophie wanted a summery session, and, like many graduates, she accidentally waited till summer was over to get them. We were determined to get her what she wanted so I scouted out some areas for remaining green trees and flowers that hadn't died off and found this lovely field of YELLOW wildflowers. How much more summery can ya get!? This turned out beautifully. And with a little intentionality in composition and editing, we turned this cold early fall shoot, into the perfect summer one.

Michaela's Senior Pictures

Michaela's grandmother reached out to me about taking her photos. I had met her during another photoshoot and she admired how I interacted. She told her daughter about me and we eventually scheduled the shoot. The plan was to get Michaela to showcase her natural smile, which she rarely did. Upon arrival, I was met with a mother and grandmother, playfully teasing Michaela about smiling. But the proof was in the pudding y'all.. I was shown vacation photos, family group photos, and even "off guards", of Michaela ..not smiling... Funny faces or blank stares were her thing. So of course we had to make things as light and fun as possible. And that we did. It warmed my heart to deliver these beauties and have both mom and grandma light up with joy that I "captured Michaela's smile". We had so much fun shooting and Michaela actually enjoyed it and did not feel the discomfort she was anticipating.

Kayonnha's Senior Pictures