Hi, I am a joy capturer.

We all tend to chase those perfect candid moments where Joy is written unapologetically all over our faces and the faces of the ones we love.

Raw, real, & unedited.

No matter if these moments of pure candid Joy are happening naturally or created intentionally, I will find them or I will make them, and I will capture them.

In all my pictures you will see pure joy, laughter, and interaction.

No need to worry if you're "awkward" in front of the camera or don't feel like you know how to pose, leave all the composing of this beautiful symphony of moments to me. I will keep my eye out for the sweet authentic moments as they happen and formulate plans to create joyous reactions for the in between so you won't feel frozen in front of the camera.

I want to document your life and love.

When you look back on your pictures, I want you to remember a day, an event, an interaction, a whisper from your lover.

So when you book with me, you aren't just booking a staged photoshoot to update your instagram or create a Christmas card, you are scheduling an activity. I want you to feel like you just hired a life photographer to come along with you as you do fun things and interact with the people you love.

Natural is my goal, laughter is my main ingredient, and Joy Captured is the end result; throughout the shoot and evident in all the pictures.

I hope we meet soon💛

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“Look for the moment between moments.”